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"We Keep Stress Off The Guest List."


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(Wedding Ceremony Package)

This Package Is Available If Your Wedding Ceremony Is Held On The Same Property As Your Reception.
The Cost Of This Service Is Separate From The Wedding Reception Package.

Professional Wedding Coordinator To Coordinate Your Wedding Rehearsal And Your 
     Wedding Ceremony On The Day Of.

2. Play Music For Guests As They Arrive At The Venue.

3. We Will Supply You With A Detailed Ceremony Planning Form For Your Wedding Music.

4. Mark Will Attend And Supply The Wedding Music For Your Rehearsal.

(Wedding Reception Package) - 4 Hours

Our Wedding Reception Package is designed to take the worry and stress off the bride and groom during the planning process of the reception and on the day of the reception. You will not need a wedding coordinator for your reception if you purchase this package. Mark guides the bride & groom through the entire reception so they can relax and have a great time.

1. Sound System.
    (Sound System Size Will Be Determined By The Size Of The Venue.)

2. Lighting Production For The Dance Floor And Ceiling.
    (Lighting Production Size Will Be Determined By The Size Of The Venue.)

3. Mark Will Coordinate All Events Of The Reception As Well As Govern The Flow Of The Reception.
4. Mark Will Emcee All Events So The Guests Are Fully Aware Of What Event Or Events The Bride & Groom
    Are Doing

5. We Will Supply You With A Detailed Reception Planning Form.
    Our Planning Form Is Formatted To Keep Your Reception "Popping" From Start To Finish.

6. You Will Receive A Copy Of Mark's Dance Music Library So You Can Select Your Favorite Dance Songs.

7. Mark Will Coordinate With Your Photographer / Videographer For Each And Every Event.


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